Joey and Brigitte, owners of Star, Salvador, Purple & Sirius.

We are very happy to have met Jason - from our initial walk together he seemed a really good natured, laid back person. We were happy to have him look after our dogs. He looked after them for three weeks – with no problems. Our dogs both have slight behavioural idiosyncrasies, insecurities and sometimes need extra care and attention - which he took in his stride and worked with to make them feel comfortable and content. The true test of a dog sitter is how the dogs react to them. Since we have been home when we run across Jason both our dogs run up to him tails wagging the minute they see him. 
It was so nice to be able to keep the pets at home (we have two cats who he also gave the upmost care). 
They didn’t have the upheaval of being put into kennels and it was good to have the house occupied in our absence. Our house was treated with upmost respect - he kept it clean and orderly. 
The only thing we can warn you about was that when we got back our pets were so well looked after they were hardly bothered that we were back! We will be having him look after our pets again for sure.

Clare, owner of Bubbles and Sam.

Jason is trustworthy, reliable, insured, and my dogs love him. Not only that, but both dogs are happier overall. Jason has a lovely style and panache. I would recommend him to anyone with canine challenges.

Julie, owner of Meg and Vader.

Jason has been walking my two dogs and dog sitting for me for 6 months now and I have always found him to be reliable and flexible. I have a dog with behavioural problems and Jason handles her with confidence, sensitivity and assurance. I have complete confidence in him and am happy to recommend his services. 

Chris, owner of Harry.

Jason pet sat our Jack Russell Harry and from the onset, gave a incredibly professional and personalised experience. He is very aware of a dog's needs and can accommodate for a lot of situations or cases. This, I found most helpful with Harry. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jason to anyone, and would certainly use his services again. 

Paul, owner of Bebe and Baxter.

my dogs are very precious to me and when jason looks after them, i feel completely at ease - as i know that they are receiving the best level of care. He is reliable, honest and genuinely a true lover of animals, which comes across in how well he cares for those in his charge. i can't recommend him highly enough.

Adrian, owner of Joey.

It's the first time I've used a  dog walker and Jason made the whole process easy. He was reliable and very trustworthy. He came for an overnight stay when we were out of the city and spent some time getting to know Joey while we were there. He checked all of our requirements and we left safe in the knowledge that our pet would be well cared for. Joey and he hit it off immediately. I would have absolutely no hesitation in using his services again and in recommending him to others.

disclaimer: I am not an expert in dog behaviour, nor am I a dog trainer, despite the frankly glowing praise bestowed upon me. I am a dog walker. I use my common sense and information from the client to have a better understanding of the dog(s) needs. The more information given, the better service I can provide.